Fees and Insurance Information

Pregnancy is a special time. There are many things to plan for and consider concerning this special event in your life. Financial issues are one of the many aspects to consider when deciding where to have your baby. I’ll be happy to discuss fees with you once we set a consultation. I do require physician involvement which is an extra expense to you but will help with hospital transition should it become necessary.

Discussing money is a necessary part of a successful business contract. Midwives work very hard. Our commitment to you and your baby is almost a year long: 9 months of prenatal care, labor/delivery, and 6 weeks of postpartum and newborn care. We are on call for you 24/7.

You will be asked to sign a Financial Agreement and payment plan. My fees are expected to be paid in full by 36 completed weeks of pregnancy. I have hired a billing agency, Larsen Billing Service, LLC. and will be happy to file your insurance for you after your birth. If you do not have insurance, I’ll be happy to discuss a workable plan.

Code of Federal Regulations Title 45, Volume 1, Attending provider defined.

For purposes of this section, attending provider means an individual who is licensed under applicable State law to provide maternity or pediatric care and who is directly responsible for providing maternity or pediatric care to a mother or newborn child. c) Construction. With respect to this section, the following rules of construction apply:

  1. Hospital stays not mandatory. This section does not require a mother to -
    (i) Give birth in a hospital, or
    (ii) Stay in the hospital for a fixed period of time following the birth of her child
  2. Hospital stay benefits not mandated. This section does not apply to any group health plan, or any group health insurance coverage, that does not provide benefits for hospital lengths of stay in connection with childbirth for a mother or her newborn child.

The only exception is if your company insurance is self funded. Even then, one can ask for a waiver from the employer and ask for the birth to be covered. Our insurance specialist verifies your benefits and works with your insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage you have. Most insurance companies reimburse you at the out-of-network percentages; however, recently we have been successful in negotiating in-network percentages with many insurance companies. That means savings to you. Larsen Billing Service (LBS) will verify coverage and obtain a pre-certification number. You will be asked to fill out an insurance form to start this process. LBS will need your insurance company name, member ID, group no, date of birth, pre-certification 800 number or customer service number and your name, plus a copy of your card, front and back.

CBM’s compensation includes:
•  All the birth and postpartum services listed on the My Services page
•  Minimum of one assistant, possibly another trained midwife

CBM’s compensation does not include:
•  Childbirth classes, which I strongly recommend. If I don’t teach a series of classes during your pregnancy, I’ll be happy to refer you to local teachers.
•  Prenatal vitamins, or other necessary supplementation requirements should the need arise.   •  Birth Kit (approximately $50)
•  All Laboratory Fees as well as Ultrasounds are an additional cost. Lab testing is ordered on an individual basis which includes a routine prenatal panel.
•  Antenatal or Postpartum Rhogam (if mom is Rh negative) Rh- mothers have additional and necessary lab work, unless the father of the baby is documented Rh- also.
•  Circumcision (if you choose).

Midwifery has always been a calling of my heart and has never been about money but I find that with the expenses involved, in order for me to continue to serve, fees for my services must be considered. I never want this to be hardship and I’m willing to work out a plan with you. If you’re committed to a home birth, we can work it out.

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