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Chosen Births believes you and your family deserve the very best. That’s why your midwife will work in partnership with you to experience safe, high quality care along with the compassion and sensitivity that is often missing from today’s medical environment. You will receive a gentler and more personal approach to your health care. If you’ve never received care from a midwife, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Prenatal Care:

Our prenatal visits are typically one hour long, and you spend the entire hour with your midwife, not waiting for her! Relaxed visits allow time to discuss your individual concerns and birth plans. We cover nutrition, exercise, and sleep and discuss questions and concerns you have. We then do a physical exam - blood pressure, measuring your tummy, listening to the baby’s heartbeat and palpating the position of the baby as well as checking your urine. Your first two prenatal visits will include a medical history, a complete physical exam, and a nutritional analysis. These first two visits are thorough and usually take one to two hours. Your family is encouraged to be at your visits to ask questions and to witness the miracle of your baby’s development.

Chosen Births Prenatal Schedule consists of monthly visits until the 28th week, then every other week until the 36th week, followed by weekly visits until your baby’s birth day. Postpartum visits are on Day 1, Day 5 and two weeks after birth. During the last trimester your midwives will do a home visit complete with prenatal exam. This gives us familiarity with your location and home.

Labor and Birth:

During your labor and birth we practice “watchful guarding” of the natural process, offering sensitive support and gentle encouragement, while ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and your baby. We honor a woman’s inner wisdom about her body and desire to labor in her own unique way. When your baby is born we place the baby where he/she belongs - on your tummy. There the baby makes the gentle transition into the world, begins to breastfeed and integrates into your family. There is no rush to cut the umbilical cord and we never separate the two of you. After you’ve had time to bond, we will do the newborn assessment and examine you. We make sure you have something to eat, assist you with the bathroom and showering and help clean up. We stay a few hours after the birth to make sure that both mother and baby are stable and usually leave the family snuggled up in bed together for a nice rest. We come back to check on the family within 24 to 48 hours.

Baby Care:

We do a newborn baby exam within the first two hours after birth - right on your bed next to you. We don’t separate babies from their mothers. You’ll have as much time as you want to bond with your baby and you’ll be able to have anyone you want touch or hold her. Breastfeeding assistance is done when needed, both at the birth and/or during postpartum visits, and these postpartum visits are also the time when we perform follow-up wellness checks on the baby. We provide you with information regarding the State of Tennessee requirements for newborns, such as antibiotic ointment for eyes, newborn screening tests, vitamin K injections and immunizations. We support your right to make responsible decisions regarding your newborn’s care. With the exception of immunizations, Chosen Births Midwifery can offer you these services.

Services Include:

  Preconception interviews
  Free 1st time consultation for parents
  On call 24 hours, 7 days a week for circumstances requiring immediate attention
  Office visits that start on time and last 45-60 minutes
  Comprehensive prenatal care
  Medical/pregnancy history
  Risk assessment (performed by my collaborating physician) to include lab work,   which includes blood grouping, Rh factor, antibody screening, rubella titre, hepatitis screen, hematocrit, hemoglobin, HIV
  Nutritional counseling
  Urine checks at each visit
•  Blood pressure/pulse monitoring
  Weight gain assessment
  Fetal well-being assessment: heart rate, growth, position, activity
  Pregnancy/childbirth education
  Access to sonograms if needed
  Informed consent - all procedures will be fully explained with the benefits, risks, and alternatives given
  Holistic care - concern for the physical, psychological and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle
  Continuous care during labor and birth in the comfort of your own home and the ability to give birth the way you want
  VBAC support
  Complete newborn assessment
  Tennessee Newborn Screening (PKU) provider
  Home visits after birth for the new mother and baby
  Breastfeeding consultations
  Lending library of pregnancy, birth, family and health related books
  24 hour access to your midwife

Intrapartum Care (Birth)

•  Full labor assessment, including dilation, effacement, fetal position, blood pressure monitoring, continuing fetal well-being assessment, etc.
•  Pain management without drugs
•  Relaxation techniques, including massage, water therapy, etc.
•  All equipment for birth provided
•  Emergency equipment, if needed
•  Warm compresses for avoiding tears
•  Full family involvement encouraged
•  Full newborn assessment done in presence of parents
•  Informed consent from parents on eye prophylaxis, oral vitamin K
•  Breastfeeding education and assistance
•  Postpartum instructions on care of mother and baby, orally and written

Postpartum Care

•  Home visits on Day 1 and Day 5
•  Postpartum Visits on Day 5 and two weeks
•  Newborn Screening (PKU)
•  Breastfeeding assistance
•  Newborn well-being assessment
•  Maternal well-being assessment - Pap Smear if desired
•  Birth Certificate/Social Security number filed
•  Family Planning Counseling
•  24 hour access to your midwife through six weeks postpartum                                               

Chosen Births also offers women:

•  Infant massage
•  Referrals to birth and postpartum doulas
•  Referrals to birth photographers
•  Referrals to chiropractors specializing in caring for pregnant women
•  Referrals to massage therapists specializing in caring for pregnant women

If you are considering our services, CBMS offers a free initial consultation. I welcome your questions and honor your individual needs and concerns, as my goal for you is to have a healthful and positive birth experience.

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