As a Christian midwife, I am:

• A totally committed and maturing Christian
• A person of prayer and faith
• Obedient to the Lord
• A listening and compassionate Christian
• Knowledgeable, yet teachable
• Secure in my identity in Christ
• Confident in my authority in Christ
• In Biblical submission to my husband and local body of Christ

The following are foundational principles to my midwifery philosophy:
• Children are a blessing from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3. It is my job to see that I reverence the process and respect the rights of the parents to make choices about how and with whom they give birth.

• All life is sacred. The relationship between parents is sacred. Parents should be encouraged to take an active part in their care. Dads should be allowed and encouraged to take an active part in the pregnancy and birth as they can. Working together as a team will strengthen their relationship.

• Informed consent is of utmost importance. I owe the whole truth to those who trust me for their care.

• Each family I work with deserves my best effort and my prayer support. In turn, I hope they work to take responsibility for their care and to support me with their prayers.

• Parents deserve the right to choose their attendants and their best birth place option. These choices require various levels of commitment and responsibility. If the kind of care they need is beyond my skill level or beyond the legal requirements, I am obligated to tell them and help them find another care giver.

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