Nausea Remedies
•  Try to eat some protein with every snack
•  Smelling cut lemons sometimes helps
•  Try a little lavender oil
•  Eat a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes (fat allows slower absorption of carbs
•  Get a chiropractic adjustment
•  Apply a cold wash cloth to your face
•  Get some fresh air and sunshine
•  Listen to some good music
•  Pray
•  Keep some small packages of crackers in your purse in case nausea strikes
•  Chew on licorice-tasting fennel seeds to calm queasiness
•  Fresh grated ginger and fennel seeds make a comforting tea to settle your stomach.
•  Try eating your favorite foods from childhood, like ginger ale, Jell-O, or whatever your mother fed you when you weren't feeling well.
•  Always get up slowly in the morning and take small breaks throughout the day with your feet elevated.
•  Hot teas may help, especially spearmint or peppermint which is known to be good for indigestion, or try the excellent "woman's tea" known as red raspberry leaf tea. If cold is more appealing, make popsicles or ice chips with the teas.
•  Take short walks in the fresh air whenever possible.
•  Drink bottled or purified water to flush your system.
•  Try increasing your water intake to six glasses a day.
•  If you feel as though your stomach is not digesting food well, increase your consumption of raw, enzyme-rich foods. Fresh cantaloupe, papaya and pineapple have the highest naturally occurring enzymes of all foods and help a great deal with digestion.
•  Make sure you are napping at least once a day to allow your body to recharge. Even a short nap can help you to feel stronger.
•  Take one 50 mg to 100-mg tablet of Vitamin B6 taken before bed. Single B vitamins should only be used for short periods of time. Switch to a B complex vitamin after a two-week period.
•  There is a strong connection between nausea during pregnancy and low blood sugar levels. Make sure you are eating small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar level up throughout the day and evening.
•  A high-protein snack before bed can help to alleviate some symptoms.
•  Try powdered ginger root in capsules three capsules a day.
•  Slippery elm is a soothing and strengthening herb for the stomach. It has as much nutrition as oatmeal and is so gentle that the most sensitive stomach can retain it. It can be taken in powdered form in capsules or made into a gruel.
•  Carry raisins, raw almonds, rice cakes r whole-wheat crackers with you so you can keep your blood sugar level up.
•  Blue green algae, such as spirulina, is very high in protein and very easy to digest.  Spirulina powder can be mixed with mashed bananas or other fruit and provides excellent nutritional support. It can be taken in tablet form as well..
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