The Miracle

I’ve seen a sunrise in the morning
And experienced a sunset at night
And I’ve watched as a tiny winged creature
Struggled and finally took flight

But nothing compares to the miracle
That I’ve been so privileged to see
The miracle of life! The miracle of birth!
Thank you, God, for including me!

Composed by Shelia Medlin for her midwife sister, Lynda, December 2003

In honor of my children, Sherry, Amy and Casey,
Who pass through our lives as precious treasures from the Lord
and have now started on their own life’s journey.
My logo is in memory of our lives together and our 13 years of homeschooling.
Together we started a little “cottage business” and designed t-shirts saying,
“My Mom’s been chosen to babysit for God!” and “I’m on loan from God!”
Our company was Chosen One, Limited. I kept our logo because of those memories.
My heart-felt thanks for their love and encouragement.

and in Appreciation for my special husband, Hank
for allowing me to be their stay-at-home Mom and for making my life so meaningful.
I thank him also for now encouraging and supporting me in the pursuit of my dreams!

and in Appreciation for my dear friend and preceptor, Dee Brunner, CNM

without whom I would not have been able to fulfill my dreams of becoming a midwife.

"Dee does this at every birth - she just loves the "new" smell of those precious babies."

About Lynda:


I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and spent my childhood in the city. I married my childhood sweetheart at 18 years of age (he was 20) on July 7, 1967 and our plans are to finish out our lives in each others hearts and arms. We have 3 grown children and over the years have moved several times, inching our way progressively farther into the country. We now live in a tiny area in Fayette County, Tennessee and have an ever-growing family. Our oldest daughter, Sherry, and husband Greg are parents to Michelle Deann, and Kama Nicole. Our middle daughter, Amy, and husband Scott, are parents to 5 little stairsteps: Ethan Nathaniel, Abbey Danelle, Emma Grace, Jonah Aaron and Ava Kathryn. Our son, Casey, and daughter-in-love, Christal, are parents to Megan Avery (Meg to us).  Our hope is to have even more grandbabies and to live long enough to see them have families of their own.
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